Accessibility Statement

MetaBIM Accessibility Statement

In accordance with the requirements of the European Equal Rights for People with Disabilities - Access to Services Regulations, 2013 - This site has undergone accessibility measures according to the European standard (EN 301 549). Compatibility tests found that Microsoft Edge version 2021 and Chrome version 2021 are the most compatible browsers. Screen reading was tested and found to be without flaw using Aloud Read, which is included with the browser Microsoft Edge.

The site is built in a semantic manner for the most common accessibility technologies in the market and is suitable for use with a keyboard. The Tab button moves between links, and the Enter button accesses the link.

At any time during your visit to the site, you can press the combination of keys Ctrl + i together to go to the accessibility menu.

After opening the menu, you can move between options using the Tab button as you would with links. To select an option, use the Enter button or the Space bar. To close the menu, press the Esc button or the combination of keys Ctrl + i together.

If you encounter any difficulty accessing the site or have any suggestions for improving its accessibility, please contact us. We are committed to providing equal access to our services and information through our website and other accessible means.

This accessibility statement was created on Jan 1st, 2022.