Are you an industrial engineer looking for a tool that can help you manage your processing system and share information with your team?

Look no further! Our system is designed specifically for industrial facilities like yours, and provides everything you need to control and manage your data. With our Process Digital Twin, you'll have a truth plant overview that unites all of your process data in one intelligent viewer, making it easy to access and share. And because it's based on laser scan data and images, you can trust that it's accurate and up-to-date. Say goodbye to wasted time and cost, and hello to a more efficient, effective process management system.

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MetaBIM documentation platform

for complex industrial systems, enabling

Improved accuracy and up-to-date information on factory processes and equipment.
Enhanced collaboration and communication between teams, contractors, and suppliers.
Valuable insights through virtual walkthroughs of the facility model.
Enhanced safety through the planning of asset shut-down and response strategies in emergency situations.
Time and money savings through the elimination of equipment clashes and change orders.
Streamlined maintenance processes with easy access to relevant information on asset locations.
Reduced onboarding time for new employees and preservation of veteran employee knowledge.
Improved visibility for first responders in the case of emergency.
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Setup for your MetaBIM interactive platform is as easy as 1-2-3

Upload your laser scan
Contract a recommended laser scanning service company or call us.
Upload your process information
P&ID, data sheets, items profiles.
Configure the platform
Connect items with the digital reality model and the process information, or we'll do it for you.
You are set to go
MetaBIM digital reality platform with your facility information is live.

Teams move faster with MetaBIM


Reduction in work hours


Decrease in learning and instruction time


Up to date information