Explore our product features designed to enhance process engineering collaborations and system organization.

Sharing knowledge

Streamline Process Engineering Collaborations

Empower your team by defining members within the organization with specific viewing and editing privileges. Extend viewing permissions to subcontractors, including engineering firms and external advisors, ensuring seamless collaboration across your projects.

Effortless Categorization and Classification

MetaBIM simplifies the organization of your process systems. Predefined categories and sub-categories allow for structured order, with the flexibility to add more as needed. Connect equipment units seamlessly to system P&IDs and attach all relevant documentation, streamlining project management and compliance.



Simplified Equipment Cataloging

Incorporate P&IDs to catalog equipment, pipelines, and other objects. Our smart P&ID integration facilitates the construction of an organized product process tree, enhancing the management and overview of your process equipment.

Your Equipment Locator

Save time with our advanced search engine, designed to streamline the location of equipment units and documents. Gain quick access to comprehensive process metadata, including systems, infrastructure, hazard controls, and detailed item profiles, facilitating strategic task management in hybrid work environments.



Maximize the Potential of Scan to BIM

Transform your Scan to BIM data into actionable process information with MetaBIM. Upload laser scan data, including e-57 files from various scanners like Leica, Faro, and Trimble. We welcome collaboration with Scan to BIM providers to explore future partnerships.